What does an injection mold factory look like in your eyes?
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There are actually two types of injection mold processing plants: 

One is to only process and manufacture molds for injection molding manufacturers.        The other is a manufacturer that can undertake injection molding, silk screen printing, spraying, electroplating and other processes in addition to mold manufacturing.        Today, we will use the latter as an example of Canglory technology (China)  LTD. 


There are many processes in the processing of plastic injection molds, including CNC machining, mirror spark machine, mold loading, milling machine, flying mold, grinding, laser marking and other processes.        In addition to mold manufacturing, Canglory technology also has an injection molding workshop, an assembly workshop, a silk screen printing workshop, and a laser engraving workshop,product assembly workshop, etc. 

so such an injection mold processing factory is not the same as what you imagined, welcome to leave a comment.

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