Injection mold manufacturing process part II
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3.  Mold manufacturing


1.  Program, remove electrodes


After the mold design is completed, it is necessary to compile a CNC program according to the processing conditions of each component and whether to remove the electrode EDM processing.




2.  Machining


The machining of the mold includes CNC machining, EDM machining, wire cutting machining, deep hole drilling and so on.  After the mold base and materials are ordered, the mold is only in the rough processing state or only steel material.  At this time, a series of mechanical processing must be carried out according to the design intention of the mold to make various parts.




CNC machining, computer numerical control, that is, CNC machining center, its requirements include various machining procedures, selection of tools, machining parameters and so on.  EDM machining is electrical discharge machining, which is a machining process that uses electrical discharge to corrode materials to the required size, so only conductive materials can be machined.  The electrodes used are generally copper and graphite.






CNC machining




3.  Fitter assembly




The fitter plays a very important role in the mold making process, and the work needs to run through the entire mold manufacturing process.  Fitter work, fit mold assembly, turning, milling, grinding, and drilling are all proficient.




4.  Mold saving and polishing




Mold saving and polishing are the processing of mold parts by tool materials such as sandpaper, oil stone and diamond paste after the mold is processed by CNC, EDM and fitter, and before the mold is assembled.




Fourth, mold inspection and mold test




1.  Mold inspection


The process of mold trial and assembly is actually a mold inspection process.  In the fit mold assembly, you can check whether the red pill is in place, whether the thimble is smooth, and whether the mold interferes.




2.  Trial


After the mold is manufactured, in order to check the condition of the mold and whether the structure of the plastic part is good, it is necessary to go to the injection machine to test the mold.  Through the mold test, you can understand the situation of the mold in the beer making process and whether the structure of the plastic part is good.


5.  Modification and Modification


After the mold is tested, corresponding changes are made according to the test conditions.  In addition, after the engineer confirms the plastic parts, the structure of the plastic parts should also be changed accordingly.  Since the mold has been made, all the changes are more troublesome, and sometimes even more difficult than rework, and the best way to change must be found according to the specific situation.




For the structural design, the structural change must try to understand the situation of the mold, whether the water, thimble, and how to change the most easily, etc., can make relevant changes in the case of combining relevant information, and consult the colleagues of the mold team if necessary. .




Processing of cooling system:




For the processing of cooling system (drilling and transporting water), the product generally requires that the water transport of the front mold needs to be processed when the first mold modification data is sent, and the rear mold water transport needs to be processed after the second mold modification data is issued.  Whether or not it has a great influence on the beer production, such as the PC material beer production (the case of hot oil beer production), try to open it before the first mold test.




Therefore, various situations should be considered in the structural design drawing stage, and the workload of mold modification should be reduced as much as possible, so that the opening of the water transport can operate normally, and the size of the beer can be determined as soon as possible.








Six, mold maintenance




Because the mold works under high temperature and high pressure, and it is in contact with the air for a long time, it is very easy to produce rust, so it is necessary to maintain the mold well, and it is necessary to apply anti-rust oil and butter when not beer is made.


In addition, due to the certain service life of the mold steel and the unreasonable design of the mold structure, some sharp and thin steel structures or the thimble of the cylinder may crack and break, and must be maintained and repaired continuously in the later maintenance.

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